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FON Rhetoric Elocution

How we impact other people in private conversations or by public speaking depends a lot less on our verbal abilities, that is on WHAT we say, than on the non-verbal factors like body language, voice, articulation and eye contact. HOW we speak and present ourselves determines whether we are going to be acknowledged as competent and credible.
Even when we do not utter a word and do not wish to communicate anything at all, we are subject to relentless interpretation and public scrutiny. We are considered insecure when we stare at the floor, nervous, when we bite our nails or disinterested when we cross our arms. If we want to communicate successfully in private or professional life, we have to acknowledge these unconscious communicative signals and learn to handle them. Stable body posture and commanding presence project greater charisma, while appealing facial mimic and body gestures evoke interest and attraction. Speaking with clear “deep voice of conviction” increases credibility and clout, while clear articulation ensures intelligibility. Competent speakers who have a good command of vocal techniques and elocution skills can face any public speaking challenge. This is far more effective than aspects related to one’s physical appearance as these can swiftly be chipped away at as soon as one utters a word.

Body language – Boost Your Non-verbal Communication Skills

Use non-verbal communication

  • posture and presence
  • gestures, facial expressions and eye contact
  • use body language in conversations and presentations
  • body language as an effective tool
Stimmtraining/ Stimmbildung

Voice Training – Use Your Voice as an Effective Tool 

Resonance and sonority

  • prevent hoarseness
  • breathing and voice training
  • speak powerfully, vibrant and resonant
  • use the voice as an effective tool

    Speech Techniques – How to Speak Energetic and Expressively 

    Articulation and expression

    • pronunciation
    • speaking pace
    • get to the point
    • speak expressively and energetic
        Medientraining YouTube

        Camera Training – Professional in Front of Microphone and Camera

        Speak professionally in front of a microphone and camera

        • visual impression – be present and competent in front of the camera
        • auditory impression –speak clearly and coherent in front of the microphone
        • Communicate emphatically and purposefully in video conferences